Master Moves of Muay Thai – Human Weapon


To positively touch the lives of our community through the teaching of Muay Thai and its effect on those who study it.

Father of Muay Thai in America and Founder of the World Thai Boxing Association

Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute

(Thai: สุรชัย ศิริสูตร์, born October 16, 1948), commonly known as Ajarn Chai, is a martial arts Instructor who is the founder and President of the World Thai Boxing Association and responsible for introducing Muay Thai to the United States. Born in Bangkok Thailand, Sirisute was indoctrinated to Muay Thai at the age of 4, kicking his father’s heavy bag for 15 minutes a day


Mercer & Bucks Counties premier stand-up martial arts school combining expert Muay Thai and Western Boxing training for the Ring, Cage, Fitness and Self Defense.

MBMT Training in Thailand with legendary Ajarn Sangtiennoi

Mercer Bucks Muay Thai is a family of different minded and culturally diverse individuals with the same mission and goal…To positively touch the live’s of our community through the education of Muay Thai and its affect on those who study it. Mercer Bucks Muay Thai’s education leaves with you not only in the form of self defense skills, but in attitudes and behaviours towards others when you depart the gym or ring. In the gym, the MBMT family offers students a safe, friendly and RESPECTFUL place for fitness, stress relief, cardio-training, weight loss, increased flexibility, self defense or combat training via traditional Muay Thai education.


“At first, I was hesitant and a bit intimidated to try Muay Thai Boxing, but its been 4 months and I am excited and passionate about training with my new extended family at MBMT” -Agi, age 28, Biochemist

This past year I was introduced to MBMT. Being a student at MBMT has made me a more confident person and has helped me restore discipline and respect for myself. I am able to focus on my weight loss journey from starting at 446 to 283 (losing a 168lbs) and continuing until reach my goal weight. -Dominic, age 41.