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Mercer Bucks Muay Thai is a proud affiliate of the World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA) under Grand Master Chai Sirisute (Ajarn Chai).

There is a testing process at MBMT to pass from one level to the next. This requires the student to demonstrate the skills they have acquired at each level according to the standardized curriculum of the WTBA, including the fitness warmup and demonstration of knowledge and skills, which the student is given prior to the testing date. Every student is individually measured on their personal advancement.

Is Muay Thai difficult to learn?

People enjoy Muay Thai because it’s relatively easy to learn and extremely effective. Mercer Bucks Muay Thai will teach you how to apply the 8 points of striking: hands, elbows, knees and kicks.

Group ​Beginner Muay Thai

The reality is that as a newcomer you will be made to feel welcome to the gym. Then you’ll start by learning the basic techniques and working on the pads and bags. You’ll also do countless push-ups, sit ups, squat thrusts and other various body weight exercises designed to leave you a sweaty and trembling wreck!

Existing Pro and Amateur fighters can and do train at MBMT.

Combining expert Muay Thai and Western boxing training for ring and cage fighting.

Private and Semi Private training sessions are available to members and non members. Each session is for 35 minutes and heavily concentrates on developing your weakest areas of Muay Thai as well as strength and conditioning. Contact Us to inquire.