Frequently Asked Questions



I haven’t worked out in a really long time. Will Kickboxing be too challenging for me and should I get in shape before coming in?

No. One of the great things about MBMT is that every workout can be modified to suit any fitness level. Whether you are new to Kickboxing or a veteran Muay Thai Fighter provide the same drills and workout to do in class; however, the workout will be adjusted so that it is more manageable for the novice and more advanced for the veteran. All of our students are trained on how to adapt workouts during our training sessions and our coaches will always provide modifications so that you can make the best of your workout. Don’t fall into the trap of saying “As soon as I lose 10 lbs I will join…”

What about cardio?

Cardio is a big part of thaiboxing. You’ll have an elevated heart rate for about 90% of your workout and we do a great job of keeping the energy high so you stay motivated. All the movements, drills and exercises are full body calorie burning workouts.

Can I just come for sparring and nothing else?


Will I get injured during class?

The purpose of MBMT is to provide a safe and efficient training environment. While we pride ourselves on keeping safety standards to the highest level, there is always an inherent risk to this combat sport. This risk can be lowered by respecting the importance of skillful movement and progressing at a suitable pace. These concepts are very important to us that is why every student is given the tools required to help avoid injuries.

I have a Black Belt from a different school, can I go right to the Fight Team?

No. While you may have achieved the highest level at your respective school, we ask that everyone go through the same process to get to our highest levels. We take our fight team very seriously and we want our students to enjoy the process of learning and growing. As teachers, it’s our responsibility to provide quality instruction and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Do you train UFC?

No. We do train many athletes that compete in MMA. We provide expert training for competitors striking game.